Why Your Company Should Be Working with A Staffing Agency

In the past two years, businesses worldwide have faced numerous staffing challenges. To remedy these situations, more and more companies are contracting with staffing agencies to help achieve goals and promote growth. If your business is considering working with a staffing agency, here are the top four reasons you should make the call today!

A Staffing Agency Will Help You Eliminate Risk

Directly hiring a new employee can be risky. A bad hire can cost you unnecessary money and create disruptions in the work environment. When you work with a staffing agency, you create a buffer between your business and making bad hiring decisions. You can have the staffing agency diligently screen all candidates or contract for temporary employees to “try out” before formally hiring them.

Contracting with a Staffing Agency Will Save You Money and Time

Not only will a staffing agency save you time by finding and screening qualified candidates, but they will also save you money. When working with temporary employees, the staffing agency covers all the payroll, benefits, and worker’s compensation costs. You also do not need to invest money in extensively training temporary employees unless you hire them full time.

A Staffing Agency Will Provide Access to Exceptional Talent

When it can be difficult to find well qualified and motivated staff, working with a staffing agency will open up doors to untapped resources. Staffing agencies specialize in locating and expertly screening candidates who will be an ideal match for your needs. The top staffing agencies maintain an impressive pool of candidates with the industry experience you need to excel.

Working with a Staffing Agency Promotes Growth

The growth of a business is rarely a straight line. Many companies go through ups and downs in hiring needs as they expand. When you contract with a staffing agency, you ensure you have available staff when you need it most and less staff when business demand is not as great. A staffing agency will give you the hiring flexibility to have the exact staff you need so hiring budgets can be maximized and goals easily met.

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