Top 5 Transferable Skills and why they are important to your job search success

As you work to enhance your resume and search for the ideal job, you no doubt see references to transferable skills. But what exactly are transferable skills, and why are they so invaluable to job seekers?

Understanding Transferable Skills

As the name suggests, transferable skills are those universal skills that we learn once and then carry with us from job to job for the remainder of our careers. Think of them as the core skills you carry in your career workbox. As you move through your career and gain more experience and knowledge, the transferable skills in your workbox are improving and expanding.

Why Do Transferable Skills Matter?

Your collection of transferable skills is invaluable to you. Understanding them and using them effectively will help you land your dream job and grow your career!

As you market yourself to new employers, it is essential that you effectively highlight your transferable skills on your resume, cover letter, and during the interview. Doing so allows potential employers to know that you are coming to the table with a wealth of pre-existing knowledge and skills to ensure that you succeed in your new job role.

Examples of Transferable Skills

Keep these top five key transferable skills in mind while revamping your resume and preparing for your next job interview.

#1. Communication.
Let your potential employer know that you are an effective communicator. No matter the situation or audience, you will understand the message and convey it perfectly.

#2. Adaptability.
Adapting quickly to change and challenges tells your new employer that you are prepared for any task and will handle it positively.

#3. Problem Solving.
Employers highly value employees that can quickly identify a problem and help solve it. Let your potential employer know that you have the transferable skills to be an exceptional problem solver.

#4. Leadership.
Leadership brings with it several additional transferable skills that employers find highly desirable. If you have ever managed or supervised others, let potential employers know.

#5. Creativity.
Being a creative-minded employee tells a potential employer that you think outside the box. A creative thinker will find new solutions to a problem and help others see a situation more fully. Employers know that creativity leads to solved problems, and they want creative thinkers on their team.

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