The Top 3 Pro Tips to Help You Create An Outstanding Resume That Gets Noticed

Having a well-designed and written resume is essential to a successful job search. On average, recruiters and HR professionals only glance at a resume for 8 seconds. To land the job, your resume must catch the reviewer’s attention and encourage them to take a closer look. Follow these tips to help ensure that your resume makes the cut!

Tip #1 – Make It Look Good!

Before recruiters read your resume, they see your resume. So, be original and avoid using standardized resume templates found online. Since most resumes are black and white, add a third colour and design style to draw attention and get your resume noticed. Some job seekers even add a photo to their resume to help them stand out from the rest. But remember to always be subtle in your choices to ensure that your resume is both professional AND attractive.

Tip #2 – Learn the Power of Keywords and USE Them!

Many companies use automated software to scan resumes as the first step in their selection process. The software looks for specific keywords and selects only the resumes that have those words present. To get your resume noticed, you must include the keywords. To find the right words to use, research keywords for your industry or scan the job posting for words that stand out. Also, make sure not to overuse the keywords. Write naturally and remember that a little goes a long way.

Tip #3 – Include a Cover Letter and Make It Personal

Your resume will highlight all your education and experience that makes you an ideal candidate for the position. Your cover letter allows you to explain why YOU should be the final choice for the job. Most companies are looking for more than a warm body to feel a position. They want a person who is passionate about the company’s goals and priorities and will contribute to the organization’s growth. Convey your passion for the work in your cover letter. Be sincere about your goals and how they match those of the company. Doing so helps you stand out and gives an identity to the person behind the resume, and that will help you secure outstanding job offers!

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