Staffing Solutions

SearchCo Inc. takes great pride in being a wholly Canadian owned staffing firm specializing in providing such as Permanent, Contract, Temporary and Temp-to-Perm recruiting solutions for leading organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. After dominating staffing within the Scarborough area where SearchCo Inc. is headquartered out of, we extended our reach by opening an additional 2 branches in Ontario over the past few years, in addition to operating out of numerous onsite locations to help better serve our clientele and cater to our constantly growing candidate pool.

Recruiting Done Right!

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Dedicated Staffing Consultants

At Searchco, we work tirelessly to match top talent with amazing opportunities. We constantly engage ourselves with the active and passive job seeker markets and create long term relationships. We are your dedicated staffing consultants and we are passionate about providing the best possible outcomes to the employers we represent. Whether you are looking for short term, long term, permanent, temporary, full time, part time or contract workers, we ensure you get the right personnel for the job.

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Beyond A Transaction

We’re not just another staffing agency! We’ve transformed end to end recruitment services to another beast, thriving to consistently provide world class service to our clients by going above and beyond. It’s beyond a transaction to us, we take upon a more consultative, KPI focused approach to really add value to your specific organization’s needs and to mitigate your operational pain points. SearchCo is only interested in creating a partnership with your organization for the long haul, and that’s why we take your business personally.

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Skilled and Unskilled Labour Needs

We’re not in this business to send you warm bodies. We understand that general labour is not always so “general”, and we strategically place people in settings that we’re confident they’ll excel in. By being proactive and constantly growing our talent pool, we ensure your needs are executed immediately, whether it’s a simple backfill or a next day order of 30 temporary employees. We flourish in high volume arenas.

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Onsite Management Program

Holding decades of combined experience and a plethora of business acumen, our team of tenacious recruiters and account managers can gage your exact needs. Our highly responsive team works around the clock to ensure you receive real-time solutions. Weekly KPI reports are sent to senior management to ensure complete efficiency on our end and are readily available to our clients upon request. There’s no magical candidate pool we exclusively own but its our passion that allows us to outwork the rest. We hold ourselves accountable to ensure your recruitment needs are handled.


Head Hunting / Sourcing

Our professional recruitment team is truly passionate about matching top talent with amazing opportunities. Our secret is to constantly engage ourselves with the active and passive job seeker markets and create long term relationships. We obsess over the little details to make sure we get it right the first time; whether it’s a culture fit or a very niche technical requirement, we’ll find a way to make it happen.

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Who We Serve

SearchCo Inc. has established meaningful partnerships with top organizations within the IT, Finance, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Logistics sectors. Servicing such a wide array of industries has organically created us into a pure generalist employment agency and has enabled us to significantly grow our market share over the past decade.

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Payroll Administrative Solutions

SearchCo has been partnered with a funding company giving us unlimited financial backing on all our smallest to largest projects. If your business is looking to have your payroll services managed to minimize your operation’s administrative burden and ensure your remittances and your employees are paid on time, we have you covered. Our candidates get paid every Friday- no questions asked.


Long Term Partnerships

Our passion for building long term relationships with both our candidates and employers has set us far apart from many of our competitors. Here at SearchCo we understand that your business is ultimately our business, which is why we have a genuine desire to create winning outcomes for both our employers and candidates. Our dedicated team has the hunger and drive it takes to one day be the most effective staffing partner on the continent.

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Shuttle Bus / Transportation Services

If your facility is in a remote area that’s not transit accessible, we’ll take the extra steps to relocate our temporary staff to ensure our workforce arrives in a timely manner, so your daily targets on the floor aren’t compromised.

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Employer Registration

Registering with Searchco Staffing Solutions is quick and easy. Just fill in our form, and we will get back to you to discuss your short term and long term requirements.

We build long-term relationships with candidates and employers.