3 Vital Questions to Ask When Hiring a Staffing Agency

Some of the world’s largest and most successful businesses rely on staffing agencies to help them source exceptional talent to keep their organization moving forward. If you are a business owner or hiring manager considering partnering with a staffing agency, be sure to ask these crucial questions before signing a contract. Selecting the right staffing agency that is an ideal match for your business is essential for staffing success.

What selection process do you use?

A top-rated staffing agency will offer outstanding services that make the hiring process quick and easy for you. Before you even schedule an interview, the right staffing agency will have conducted a background check, assessed the candidate’s skills to ensure they match what you are looking for and conducted an initial interview to make certain only the most qualified resumes reach your desk. Working with a staffing agency that utilizes a thorough selection process will guarantee that you save time and can concentrate on evaluating the very best prospects for the job.

Does your agency specialize in staffing for my business?

Not all staffing agencies are an ideal match for every industry. Before hiring a staffing agency, ask if they have the knowledge, staffing pool and experience to staff employees for your target industry. Many recruitment firms will have a speciality such as healthcare, accounting or IT. Contracting with a staffing agency that is laser-focused on your industry type will ensure that you receive the most exceptional candidates to review.

What services do you provide?

Not all staffing agencies provide the same services. Some focus on providing only contract or temporary workers for shorter work periods. Other agencies will recruit to fill permanent positions as well. It is vital to your company’s success that the staffing agency you contract with can meet your current and future staffing needs. By thinking ahead and selecting an agency that can grow with your business, you prevent the need to change staffing firms as your company evolves.

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